In Development

GEV is proactively developing the following programs:

GEV is researching ways to develop and deploy portable schools. Currently, the design, transportation and setup of the facility is underway. In the future, we hope to place these portable schools in refugee camps.

We are working on a comprehensive program to promote special needs educational programs and also the development of special needs-trained teachers.

Sports are an integral part of a child's physical and emotional development. To that end, we are identifying strategic contacts for national sports, training facilities and coaching staff, primarily in Cambodia at this time. This program will serve to promote youth sports programs.

Preserving in print, audio and video the wisdom, experiences and advice of educators and leaders is integral to growing upon our past and into the future. This program serves to capture these experiences to motivate, inspire and mentor the current and future generations of leaders. Four different series are in development, including “The Tigress Within: Female Leaders Speak Out.”

Developing language immersion technology that allows teachers, educational administrators and healthcare students and workers around the world to quickly and efficiently learn a subset of a foreign language that allows them to have basic conversational abilities is integral to our work. To date, we have created an overview of the program and identified the four initial languages we will work with to develop courses. We are working to identify the translation resources we will use to create our language modules, as well as the software we will use for delivery.

This program allows newly graduated or inexperienced teachers or healthcare workers to find opportunities in areas that are outside the big cities or are otherwise remote. Given one or two years of real world experience in a remote location, they can then apply for the job which would otherwise require more experience. We are locating existing schools and healthcare facilities and determining the need for additional staffing.

This program celebrates educators who are looking to volunteer their services and teach overseas in impoverished or developing communities who need their services. In addition, we are locating NGOs and other organizations that supply volunteers and contacting them to see if they are willing to assist with this endeavor.

We would like to provide existing schools and communities with a channel in which they can make known their equipment and resource needs and one where NGOs, corporations, foundations, and donors can help meet those needs.

Developing modular self-sufficient clinics that can be deployed anywhere in the world and expandable from a basic clinic to a Level I Trauma Center or a quarantine facility, and making those facilities available to other NGOs, non-profits and disaster or emergency response efforts, as needed, is integral to improving global health.

Think BIG. Think GLOBAL.


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