There are six key programs that GEV proactively pursues every day that will allow us to achieve our immediate goals for the next few years. We invite you to consider each program and think about how we can work together in some way to make this world a better place, both now and for future generations.

Teacher Recruitment and Sponsorship Program
The Global Education Vision Teacher Recruitment and Sponsorship Program unites sponsors with teachers and teacher-candidates throughout the developing communities of the world, helping them to attain the education and certifications they will need to serve effectively as teachers and leaders in their own community.

Portable School Program
The GEV Portable School Program is designed to identify developing communities, disaster areas and refugee camps around the world that have an urgent need for a physical school location where classes can meet, and to work with international and local officials to bring in and set up a fully functional portable school that can, as needed, operate totally off the grid. Moving forward, GEV staff will work with the community to establish long-term educational facilities.

Special Needs Education Program
Throughout developing communities around the world, children with special needs rarely receive a quality education. Sponsors are often difficult to find because these are not the beautiful children, the ones that get adopted first, or chosen from a group. Still, we believe that every child, no matter their physical or mental challenges, deserves the same attention, the same compassion, as those without such challenges. The Global Education Vision Special Needs Education Program unites sponsors with students with special needs throughout the developing communities of the world, helping them to attain the education they will need to survive and flourish in their own community. In addition, the program works with public and non-profit schools in developing communities to build or establish their own special needs education resources.

Sports Program
At GEV we believe that every young person deserves a quality Sports Program in their local community. Physical and mental agility, factored in with each person’s unique starting place, are key components of being successful global citizens in this modern age. Our local-minded approach gives us immediate connection to the surrounding community, while also factoring in the mindset of participating on the global stage.

Arts Program
Research has shown that participating in arts programs has a dynamic impact on a person’s creative and cognitive skills that extend into every other area of education. The GEV Arts Program is dedicated to working with others to bring a world-class arts education to the developing communities of the world.

Education Resource Services Program
Throughout the developing communities of the world, teachers and administrators from public and non-profit schools need your help to realize their classroom and school projects. Through the Education Resource Services Program, teachers and school administrators from all over the world contact us and we provide an opportunity for them to submit their classroom or school projects for others from around the globe to support through our online platform.

Global Education Vision is committed to using our available resources to proactively address the 4th of the Sustainable Development Goals for a “Quality Education,” as outlined by the United Nations through their #Envision2030 Campaign. By working together, we can do it. As Steve Jobs said, “…the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

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